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Pepper Spray

Laws, Restrictions & Regulations

All of the Products that we sell are Legal in our Home State of Florida. See the Florida State Statutes here: 790.01 However, some of these items are Illegal to Possess in certain States. We Will Not Ship our products outside the Continental United States or to any area where it is Prohibited by Law. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Pepper Spray is legal in all 50 states, however a number of cities and states have restrictions on sizes, strengths, etc.. If you have a question, it is wise to check with you local city or state attorneys office or local police department. The list below may not be totally accurate or complete and "Criminal Repellent" accepts no responsibility for its accuracy, completeness or outdated listings.

States where Pepper Sprays are Restricted:

We Cannot Ship to these States. If an order is placed to restricted areas, your order will be cancelled immediately.

NEW YORK: New York residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists in that state.

MASSACHUSETTS: It is illegal for pepper spray to be mailed to Massachusetts, but it may be lawfully carried by private citizens. Before it is legal for any resident of the state to purchase the spray, a dealer must obtain a proof of age 18 or over with a valid form of identification. However Individuals between the ages of 15 and 18 must still have a valid firearms identification (FID) card to purchase self-defense spray. These are very easy to get: you simply request one at any local police station, fill out the required form and provide two separate types of identification. Every FID has a processing fee of $2, and takes about a week to receive.

We have Pepper Spray Products that meet the following State Guidelines:

MICHIGAN: Pepper spray must not be more than 10% and can be used for self defense. "The reasonable use of a self-defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum by a person in the protection of a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person's use of physical force." (Pepper Shot and Mace PepperGard are all approved for Michigan State Guidelines)

WISCONSIN: Tear gas is not permissible. By regulation, OC products with a maximum OC concentration of 10% and weight range of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients of 15-60 grams are authorized. This is 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. spray. Further, the product cannot be camouflaged, and must have a safety feature designed to prevent accidental discharge. The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range of six feet. In addition there are certain labeling and packaging requirements: "must state cannot sell to anyone under 18 and the phone number of the manufacturer has to be on the label." The units must also be sold in sealed tamper-proof packages.

Important Information!

• Never use Pepper Spray unless you feel you are threatened or you need to protect someone else.

• Improper use could result in criminal action. You could be sued or in some states fined up to $1000 or imprisoned up to 3 years.

• Pepper Spray cannot be carried on a commercial airline where it is accessible. This is a federal crime with a $25,000 fine.

• After 9/11 there may be secured locations such as federal buildings, state buildings or any place you must pass through security where you cannot have Pepper Spray.

• Keep Pepper Spray out of reach of children for their protection

• Pepper Sprays cannot be shipped outside the continental US, which includes Alaska, Hawaii, and US Territories.

• Pepper Sprays cannot be shipped by any method other than GROUND.

• Pepper Sprays cannot be shipped to APO or FPO mailing addresses.

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